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The Bonds of Brotherhood

Aside from family

The most important bonds

I’ve forged during my young life

Are the bonds of brotherhood,

A group of young men

Not bound together by blood

But bound together by choice

Despite having a single brother of blood

I now have a dozen brothers

Of all shapes and sizes

Of all backgrounds and walks of life

Individuals I would not trade

For any amount of fame or riches

Brotherhood is night long conversations

About the turmoils of life

And the struggles we all face in silence

Brotherhood is honesty

Even when the truth

Is the opposite of what you want to hear

Brotherhood is love

A silent love that doesn’t require

Those 3 words to ever be said

Because they are felt

With every interaction

I consider a brother to be

One who accepts your faults and failures

Yet still covers your back

My brothers have raised me up

From the depths of despair

Its why they will join me

As I rise into the man I was born to be

I forget nothing

The words of encouragement

All of the laughs and all of the tears

You all know who you are

The struggles we’ve endured

Has made our bonds unbreakable

I’m excited to see

What our shared futures hold

As we all conquer this world together

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