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"Your art is a reflection of your soul"


A town hugged the waterfront

like a newborn clings to its mother.

Lodgings, markets, and taprooms

sprouted along the lake like weeds.

An assortment of architecture

gradually ascended the hills,

before coming to a halt

at the base of a great mountain.

Puffy white clouds

loomed high above its peak.

And shrouded the mountain’s right face

under the darkness of shadows.

Deep within the mere,

a lone vessel glided along

the blue-green water.

As a found family

shared food and drink,

to the sweet sounds of music.

A group wholly unsure

of what tomorrow may bring.

Resolved themselves to build memories,

while they are still young and beautiful.


Oh, how cruel must life be,

to curse a man on his name day.

Forcing him to experience emotions so deeply,

that even the bottomless well of apathy

is still felt in its totality.

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